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Don’t take our word for it!!!

Listen to some of our current and past members, and see what they have to say about the benefits of joining ARMA.

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David Tappan
VP of Membership

“ARMA is what made my career more fulfilling and interesting and it allowed me to stay up on the latest laws, trends and technology. I believe it is like having a whole team of consultants and experienced professional resources at my fingertips through the wide network of members and vendors. Of all the organizations I have had memberships to, I would say hands down that ARMA was the most valuable to me and my employer.

ARMA also helped me grow as a Records Manager and as a professional by allowing great opportunities to learn at both the local and international level.”

~ Bobbie M

“Since joining ARMA in late 2012, I’ve learned that ARMA International and the ARMA Western Michigan Chapter can be a wealth of knowledge, as well as a great opportunity to network with local professionals in the Records and Information Industry.

The Information Management Journal, monthly meetings, and online webinars are great resources for keeping up-to-date on the new policies, regulations, and current issues regarding Information Management around the globe.”

~ Stephanie B

“ARMA has been a great resource for me related to my career and professional development. I always know there is someone I can call for bouncing ideas off of and benchmarking.

And what a help many were while I studied for both the CRM & IGP. Many thanks go out to this amazing organization.”

~ Sue B

“ARMA has given me the news, education and networking resources I really needed to grow and develop in the field of information governance. As someone who came into this field from information technology, ARMA was essential in providing me with the tools I needed to mature in my understanding of records management, eDiscovery and data protection.  This has enabled me to take the lead in helping my employer to respond quickly and efficiently to challenges in the areas of regulatory compliance and litigation risk.

~ David T.

“One of the best places to start when you have an information governance question or concern, or when you just want to learn more about a topic, is ARMA International. Both the website content and the seminars are invaluable. Moreover, its local chapters, such as the ARMA West Michigan Chapter, are a must, not only for educational purposes but for the camaraderie and sharing of ideas and solutions.”

~ Dawn W.

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